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Presents- Art journal with foil technique by Lynda

here is a youtube video of my daughter doing an art journal entry with aluminium foil, pretty interesting!

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My first video made by me!

my new video

here is my first ever video I made in window media maker, Its some of my collage sheets from my etsy store, There is no music but I couldn’t figure out how to add copyright free music, if anyone knows of any please let me know!
Hope you like it and comments are always welcome,

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Gothic Fairy Valentine

this is my newest piece of art. I was not feeling the love on Valentines day so decided I love the idea of love but didn’t want to feel bad for not having that certian someone to spend the day with. I made this peice then took one of my best friends out to lunch and we went shopping.. you can’t get any better than that!
Check out my myspace page for my personal blog about men and dating


Gothic Valentine

cool place to post your blogs

Here is a awesome site to list your blog. I listed it here and in one day got 50 hits on my blog just from this site, you can’t go wrong with that, I also like to check out some of the blogs on his site and then post them to digg  just for fun! Try it you will be impressed!


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my daughter got engaged today!

My 27 year old daughter finally got engaged today to a very nice man. My daughter Lynda has had a couple of bad experiences with men and had a really hard time trusting another man to treat her well. Thankfully she met Jim at college and they hit it off and are now engaged to be married sometime in the future, they are not sure when.

Katie and Mike

Katie and Mike

You know being a mom is a HUGE job with odd rewards sprinkled throughout your 18 years or so with your kids. I would not trade one second of being a mother for anything in the world, the only thing better is grandkids of course, I have two and they are just adorable! My grandson is 9 and my granddaughter is 1 and she just loves her cousin, she could be in the worst temper tantrum then Mike walks in the room and she is just all smiles and hellos, its just the cutest thing. I just love them to pieces!

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I just updated my Myspace page

check it out, its now full of color and I posted a new pic of my granddaughter Katie and I.

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egg o see 1905 vintage ad

egg o see 1905 vintage ad
Originally uploaded by wotdoin

this item will soon be for sale on my Etsy store, I have tons of these kinds of ads and need to destash some of them.

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abstract fractal design

abstract fractal design
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Okay here is a new design I made using photoshop to print and use on either a glass pendant or domino pendant. Do you all like it? I have made a couple of pendants today (my first) I will post them as soon as they dry, Please comment if you like!

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Vintage Ladies

Vintage Ladies
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here is my newest collage sheet. I made this with the beautiful vintage postcards I got a few weeks ago from France, I just love looking at these postcards for some reason,

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